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Welcome to Shannon Express International

# Welcome to Shannon Express International Inc. (SEI), your reliable domestic and international shipping service. We have been providing shipping solutions for individuals and businesses since 1990. This is your one-stop site for residential and commercial shipping. We send domestic shipments and International shipments via air, ocean, and ground. In addition, we also specialize in trade show shipping. Click here to learn more about our services for Domestic, International and Trade Show shipping.

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Our friendly staff is here to help for all your shipping needs. Air freight service, ocean freight service, or ground freight service with either domestic or international shipments; we are here to help find a way for your shipment to arrive on time and on budget. Just give us a call or send an email anytime.

Call Shannon Express International Inc. today at 800-755-1001 or email info@shannonexpress.com.


Track Your Shipment

To track a shipment, you will need your SEI shipping tracking number. If you have not been given a tracking number, or have misplaced it, please contact our customer service department at 800-755-1001, or use our online customer contact form.



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